I offer a wide range of design options


  • Photo editing/retouching (Photoshop)
  • Computer generated interior designs/layouts (Google SketchUp, 2020 Design - ICC)
  • Logos/slogans/graphic design (Illustrator and/or Photoshop)
  • Artwork (airbrush, pencil, charcoal, etc.) NOT ACCEPTING AIRBUSH WORK AT THIS TIME
  • Wall murals (latex paint or airbrush)‚ÄčNOT ACCEPTING MURAL WORK AT THIS TIME

I am currently accepting no side jobs at this time.  All design services are being done through ICC.

I have many tools in my arsenal to convey our vision such as Photoshop, Power Point, Omni Room Planner (2D rendering), Google SketchUp (3D rendering), and 2020 Design - through ICC (3D and architectural design for kitchens and baths).  The more ways I can give you a visual sense of what the space will look like, the better you will feel knowing there will be no surprises along the way.