I believe in putting Fun into a Functional design.  A room should be an experience.  Something in it should make you say, "WOW!"  I aim to create something no one has seen before, and at the same time design a flow for each client where every square inch of the room is used for something purposeful.  I like blending styles - industrial/modern, rustic/modern, etc.  In the same fashion I like to blend contrasting materials - rustic wood/shiny metal, concrete/painted glass, etc.  Lastly, I feel my psychology and communication backgrounds merge well with my art, design, furniture knowledge, and computer skills to produce innovative designs for each individual.

philosophy / style


After many years of cultivating my skills and fine tuning those skills through classes at the Art Institute, I have finally put together a website to demonstrate my works as a designer.  This lead me to become part of the design team at Walter E. Smithe in Merrillville and now part of the kitchen team for Schillings.  I am excited to blend my creativity and artistic talents with the quality and expertise of Schillings Lumber. This combination will help further ensure my client's will receive coolest rooms imaginable.

Interior design

  • creating useful space through creative layouts
  • strong product knowledge of furniture and knowing how to integrate furniture into creating a cohesive room
  • creating murals through skills developed as an artist/painter
  • themed rooms
  • generating comprehensive designs/layouts through Google SketchUp and Omni Room Planner.
  • unique use of lighting to enhance a room's overall feel

Graphic designs

  • unique yet simple logos created through the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


  • photo retouching
  • custom calendars
  • anything else imaginable


  • illustration
  • wall murals
  • automotive
  • t-shirts
  • signs/advertisements

about MYSELF