Custom built a TV cabinet big and sturdy enough to hold 18 dumbbells.  Also plenty of room to do daily workouts streaming from the TV.


This room also is a retreat away from "dull and boring" TV watched by other members of the household.  Able to sit back on the sofa and enjoy shows not related to sports.

  • Dining Room - to host holiday dinners for at least 7 people
  • Spare Bedroom - to accommodate visiting family
  • Workout Area - room for working out while concealing weights
  • Viewing TV - secondary area to watch TV while "stupid sports" are on the main TV
  • Family Photos - a way to thoughtfully display many photos of family and friends
  • ​Storage - needing to house china, extra photos, and bigger workout equipment

This small room had to be versatile like a Swiss Army knife as it needed to serve several functions:


This room's color scheme is black, white, and beige with a pop of red.  This red sofa is also a pull out bed with a memory foam mattress.  Just "comfortable enough" for temporary guests.



A chair rail was added with a French cleat ("V" notch) and a corresponding notch was added to all the picture frames making it able to hold several picture frames of friends and family.

Found an Expand-O-Matic telescoping buffet/china cabinet at a local consignment shop.  This cabinet has a built in telescopic base that pulls out where leaves can be added (stored in the cabinet) to create an instant dining table.