This room also is a retreat away from "dull and boring" TV watched by other members of the household.  Able to sit back on the sofa and enjoy shows not related to sports.  Also, provides a great venue for streaming workout routines.

Found an Expand-O-Matic telescoping buffet/china cabinet at a local consignment shop.  This cabinet has a built in telescopic base that pulls out where leaves can be added (stored in the cabinet) to create an instant dining table. Also bought old dining room chairs at a local thrift store and painted them black for an eclectic look.




Added a chair rail  with a French cleat ("V" notch) and a corresponding cleat to all the picture frames making it able to hold several picture frames of friends and family.  The pictures frames were bought at a local thrift store and panted black.  Installed black and white wallpaper as a feature wall which mimics the nostalgic style of the displayed photos.


Introduced a red sofa for a pop of color with the black, white, and beige color scheme.  This red sofa doubles as a pull out bed with a memory foam mattress.  Just "comfortable enough" for temporary guests.


Used an existing cabinet and modified it to neatly store 19 dumbbells plus other workout equipment.  Also made an inside door mount for the Torso Track - concealed in a closet but easily accessible.  Also plenty of room to do daily workouts streaming from the TV.

  • Dining Room - to host holiday dinners for at least 7 people
  • Spare Bedroom - to accommodate visiting family
  • Workout Area - room for working out while concealing weights
  • Viewing TV - secondary area to watch TV while "stupid sports" are on the main TV
  • Family Photos - a way to thoughtfully display many photos of family and friends
  • ​Storage - needing to house china, extra photos, and bigger workout equipment

This small room had to be versatile like a Swiss Army knife as it needed to serve several functions:

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