Version 1


Hoosier Highlander Frame Display

Version 2

Hoosier Highlander Frame Display



This version I designed is very similar to version 2 but does not have the sliding doors and is meant to be a more simplified construction option.  However, this design features an LED light that will make a major visual impact in the evening.

Check out all that is happening on Hoosier Highland's Facebook page.  "Click" on their sign.

This local art supply and frame maker store wanted a looped carpeted wall/display to act as Velcro to display their several samples of frames.  After a series of different versions (shown below), this is the final version that will start construction later this month and then be carpeted by FCA (Floor Covering Associates).  This display will feature two sets of wing panel doors and LED lights to give a stunning visual of assorted frames in the evening.  This display will hold over 1500 frame samples and is just one of many improvements this store has/will undergo this year.


This version I designed features doors that slide back and forth on rails which can easily be moved to reveal the 10" walls that are perpendicular (display frames on both sides) as-well-as the back wall of frames.

This version I designed features a series of doors that can be independently open and closed which helps triple the amount of frames that could be displayed.

Version 3