I drew up two floor plans and decided to go with the one on the top. The top floor plan had the best view of the city right as you walk in the door.  Plus,  we felt that it had a better flow for this 930 square foot condo.

Added the color of the cork floors with Photoshop.   With the cork floors I was able to design an inlay for the entryway/hallway.  This condo also features a double sided gas fireplace and double sided curio above the fireplace that can be enjoyed from the living room and her bedroom/office.

Finalized the floor plan which also included selecting all the pieces of furniture and drawing them to scale ensuring each piece would fit properly.  She also wanted plenty of earth tones with a pop of color throughout the condo as-well-as an African tribal feel in some of the accent pieces and fabrics .

Went "old school" and developed a design board to show the fabric and color palate of each room along with providing a great visual of each furniture piece.  Also provided a "legend" to get a better visual sense where each item would go inside the condo.

‚Äč  Naomi's Chicago condo

Designed a whole floor plan for a woman who bought a 31'x32' high-rise with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and parts of Lake Michigan.  She is single and wanted a room to entertain for a small group of friends.  She also wanted cork floors throughout the condo, a walk-in closet, pantry, office, and storage for her vast number of cookbooks.